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Dr. Andrew L. Drozd

Technology Innovator
President of ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC

Andy has over 43 years of scientific research, project management, and corporate executive leadership experience in the areas of advanced communications security, reliability, and interoperability. He leads ANDRO’s corporate teams in scientific and engineering research for government and commercial customers. Since 2015, Andy has managed a technology portfolio totaling over $35 million towards advancements in policy-based dynamic spectrum management for 5G/NextG and edge-based wireless communications, software-based waveform development for enhanced radio interoperability and security, cognitive software defined radio (SDR) networks and cross-layer cyber security protocols, and cyber/electronic warfare. His background includes the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies for wireless communications systems.

His accomplishments include the development of novel agile spectrum management via an elastic network fabric that exploits a patented blockchain process enabling dynamic spectrum governance in wireless, multiaccess edge computing providing for enhanced connectivity, quality of service, and low latency in real time. He is a member of the FCC’s Communications, Security, Reliability, and Interoperability (CSRIC VIII) Council and the O-RAN Alliance.

Andy is licensed by the InterNational Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, an IEEE Life Fellow, past president of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society, and past chair of the IEEE EMC Society Standards Development and Education Committee. He has authored over 180 conference and journal papers, reports, and trade articles and has 12 patents in the areas of spectrum governance, signal detection/classification, and block chain spectrum auditing.

Dr. Andrew L. Drozd
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