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Jamie Welkis

Co-Founder, VP of Business Development

Jamie Welkis has joined the incredible team at Drone Industry Systems, Corp., to continue to build upon her diverse technical skillsets, passion for innovation, and the transformational impacts of technology to be both disruptive and equalizing.

She brings 25 years of technology consulting in a variety of public, private, commercial, and educational settings. She has been successful managing and supporting large organizations with long-range planning for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies at all phases of research, design, development, technology infrastructure planning, procurement, maintenance, team building and professional development.

Over the years she has developed strong relationships with local and national companies, and vendors in the technology sector. She has written and received grants from companies like Amazon, government agencies, and non-profits over the years. She has a broad range of skills in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and smart contracts, cloud architecture, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, computer programming, CRM, DeFi, engineering, graphic design, mobile and web application design (UI/UX), NFT’s, networking, robotics, video game design production, and 3D printing and design.

Jamie received her Masters and Bachelor’s of Science degrees from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has served the technology community as a Director of Technology both in the public and private sectors.

Jamie Welkis
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