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Drone Industry Systems, Corp. ($DISC) is the first decentralized, autonomous infrastructure IP solution company creating full stack, multi-modal, Web3, and data mining turn-key solutions for the intelligent delivery of people and cargo, via drones, UGVs, eVTOLs, and delivery robots.

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Working together to build the nexus between physical and digital assets to create autonomous, and intelligent infrastructure solutions for tomorrow... today!

Our Solutions Capitalize on 4 Vertical Markets 

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Drone Airport/Vertiport In-a-Box

One-stop service provider for fully integrated drone logistics for retail centers.

weather data.png

Weather Data

Huge pent-up demand from commercial aviation and freight operators for  timely localized weather data.


Smart Drone  Delivery

Industry can quickly and economically vastly expand service footprint


Ride Share

Starting from standard driver cars transitioning  to management of smart phone-hailed autonomous vehicles using our Multimodal dAPPs.


Our Solutions

Our Brands

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