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Smart Delivery DRONE ©

Our solutions solve the pain points of traditional last mile supply chain transportation logistics by limiting the need for huge cash infusions of brick and mortar development models, eliminating vehicle transportation congestion, bottlenecks when scaling, and costly delays with untimely solutions.


Food Delivery


Take your franchise, restaurant, fast food, spirits and or beverage autonomous drone delivery business to scale, with our turn-key integration service platform.

Our agnostic, interoperable, and scalable platform allows for integration of your existing Point of Sale (POS) equipment, on-line and mobile ordering applications, and third-party take away and hailing delivery services.

Our custom packaging will allow for unique designs and handling requirements.

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Cannabis Drone Delivery ©

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Medical and Recreational Cannabis Drone Delivery business integration is the fastest and safest way to allow for your product to be delivered to the right place, to the right person, at the expected time. Safety and security first.


That is why all of our system processes are designed with our blockchain and cybersecurity infrastructure to help keep a chain of custody and materialization of the data events, in order to help stay compliant with regulations and governing body expectations.


Expand your existing mobile application to include drone delivery, and to capture that market beyond  the 1, 3 and 5 mile distribution.

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Retail Drone Delivery ©

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Your Retail business is ever evolving. Your customer's insatiable demand for speed and convenience at their fingertips, can only be equally measured by their expectations of personal cost effectiveness.

White Labeling and Integrating our retail drone delivery system into your existing POS system allows for fast True Last Mile Supply Chain Logistics. Our Smart Rooftop  and Ground Airport/Vertiport and Smart Mailbox Landing Pad IP system will allow for hailing your drone right from your property and or designated parking location(s). 

Make your existing brick and mortar structures of your business become the drone delivery supply chain infrastructure that is both eco-friendly and cost effective.


Don't miss the small orders simply because someone would conveniently wait until they come around a competing store for a larger order experience.

Drone Inspection


Inspection comes in many forms.


Construction, insurance, infrastructure, utility, agriculture, public adjusting, field adjusting, project management, first responders, as well as accident, fire and flood disaster relief, to name a few.


Deploy your drone use case with a fleet system integration that allows for on demand services.


Integrating an autonomous drone inspection system into your project management system make it a seamless transaction.

Engineers on Solar Roof

Our System

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Taking the existing brick and mortar building structures, which have worthless rooftop and ground real estate value, space and use, and monetizing its use by integrating it into a True Last Mile Logistics© Autonomous Smart Delivery Drone Infrastructure.

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Smart Delivery Drones
Smart Rooftop Garage//Hangers & Charging Station
Smart Mailbox/Parcel Landing Pads 
Smart Rooftop Garage//Hangers & Charging Station
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