Drone  Industry  Systems’  Smart  Delivery  Drone  Miners©

Scalable, Interoperable, Agnostic, and Modular

Drone Industry Systems believes that autonomous transportation should be safe, secure and sustainable.


We achieve this through an integrated autonomous infrastructure that repurposes unused/non-valued rooftops, ground areas, and mailboxes as drone vertiports and unmanned ground vehicles (UVG’s.)


The results are eco-friendly, immutable, multi-modal, scalable, modular, and full stack.


An open platform that is commercially viable, sustainable and resilient.

“Repurpose existing buildings and land to meet the needs of a fully autonomous

node centric building both inside and out.” 

Utilizes our Node Centric Blockchain Mesh Network

Enables our Smart Rooftop and Ground Airport/Vertiport-in-a-Box© IP solution for autonomous infrastructure to make real-time data discoverable and monetize-able on our data exchanges.
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  • Connect your DISC NEXUS Wallet  to earn $DISC utility tokens

  • Purchase crypto gift cards

  • Participate in crypto/token/social rewards from your favorite vendors with our patent pending exchanges. 

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Multi-Modal Mobile dAPPs

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  • Mobile and Desktop email, text, and social media integration.
  • Partners and customers can track, view, and manage their data anywhere with our mobile app.
  • Push notifications for vendors and customers can be sent directly to your phone from your SMART Delivery Doorbell Miner©.

Drone Industry Systems’ Smart Delivery Drone Doorbell Miner ©

  • API Service Integrations for drones, unmanned/manned air and ground vehicles, cargo, and people.

  • Our interoperable sensors allow you to mine and validate all types of data from Layer (0), Layer (1), and Layer (2) blockchains.​

  • Interoperable weather and other data sensors.​

  • Blockchain validated data-tracking identifiers for all participating services

  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Cloud

  • Connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, LPWAN, and LoRaWAN protocols

  • Multiple payment methods

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LCD Touch Screen


Optical Bar Code Reader

Built in security camera uses object recognition technology to provide real time audio, video, photo feeds and recordings.


Onboard Memory Card