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Our Multimodal dAPPs

Drone Industry Systems Corp.($DISC) Is Developing Mobile dAPPs that are Scalable, Modular and Interoperable with Other API Service Integrations.

Starting from standard driver cars transitioning  to management of smart phone-hailed autonomous vehicles using our Multimodal dAPPs.  
Smart Delivery APP screens.png

The first ever node centric autonomous mobile delivery hailing app with a utility token and cryptographic ecosystem.

Ride sharing and delivery ordering users:

  • Participate in loyalty incentives, meta data $DISC utility token and crypto rewards.

Delivery drivers of cargo and people:

  • Build their own customer portfolio of delivery accounts

  • Offer utility token and crypto rewards accepting traditional and crypto payment methods using Disc's Nexus Wallet, BioFi's Kryptic Wallet, Constellation's Stargazer Wallet, in addition to the integration of their own traditional digital wallet(s).

Perishable and non-perishable product vendors:

  • Provide captured audience push notifications, incentives and rewards using their own crypto/token rewards.

Cross-product brands can offer a coupon, token and crypto promotion. As well as discounts, incentives are rewards for being brand loyal.


Delivery of food, lab tests, pharmacy items, CBD, hail inspections, and much more.


Coming Soon ....stay tuned to be part of our beta testers!
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