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Showing Empathy - Mike DiCosola - The Revenue Maze - Episode # 24.

Mike DiCosola, Founder and CEO of Drone Industry Systems, Corp. designed several patents over the years. He was inspired by the idea of Amazon using drones to deliver their products, so he went back to school to learn how to make drones and use them for everyday purposes and make jobs more efficient. Mike DiCosola, the CEO at Drone Industry Systems Corporation. Mike joins the host Valerie Cobb to share his tips on how a company can increase its revenue.


  • One way to increase the revenue for your company is to find a problem and solve that problem by using the current technology you have available.

  • A drone isn’t just a flying robot, it can be anything that is autonomous. This means you can create a unique type of drone to fill a gap in your company.

  • When it comes to building drones, it’s a long-term commitment and endeavor but it will pay off for the future use of a drone to make jobs more efficient.

  • You need to feel empathy for the problem that you are trying to solve because you don’t want to sacrifice all your time on one single issue unless it is worth it.

  • You want to have empathy for the consumer. It’s important to feel that connection with your consumer and build that relationship with them.

  • Surveying your customer constituents is one way to find a gap in your company is see if you are able to fill it.

  • Even if you can’t get away for a full vacation, appreciate the moments when you can step away and recharge your batteries a little bit.

Quote of the Show:

1:44 “Filling a gap, a gap that might be a boutique gap or an all-encompassing gap that is not necessarily being paid attention to or has just been avoided for some time. And now new technology that has come can fill that gap.”

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