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Watch Drone Industry Systems CEO FutureCreators TV: Monetizing Rooftops with Drone Industry Systems

Watch Drone Industry Systems CEO Mike DiCosola show you how DISC’s highly scalable platform monetizes Cyberspace Inflation at the rooftop, bringing in money for property owners and investors.

Layer DISC onto our FutureCreators’ InVerse¡ network, add this to what you have seen on previous FutureCreator TV shows with AirTest and VSBLTY and you have the greatest revolution in property management since Elisha Otis invented the elevator brake in 1853!

Then add DISC's Smart Delivery Doorbell Miner and watch the Cash Velocity Indices of companies like Amazon and Walmart accelerate fast. A retail revolution that scales onto dozens, maybe hundreds, of other applications. Shareholder heaven.

Take yet another step: add in the green technology of Clear Blue and the property management revolution becomes The Green New Deal that pays for itself.

As always, it's just the numbers.

Cyberspace is inflating exponentially on three axes at once—devices, device power and apps. Soon, every device will be a server for every other device. An edgeless fog of blockchain-fired, nanoscale data centers all communicating directly in a giant, seamless mesh of monetized network fractals.

Onto this vast and infinitely flexible platform, industry after industry can launch new scalers. DISC is a super example. It turns the drones that we see and hear so much about into cash on your rooftop. And that’s just the beginning.

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