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Francis Mclnerney

Strategic Advisor for Emerging Global Markets
Founder and Managing Director of North River Ventures LLC

Founder and Managing Director of North River Ventures LLC, Francis McInerney has spent decades advising CEOs on how to scale profitably on the Information Cost-Velocity Curve where the cost of information is always falling and the velocity information is always increasing. The ICVC is the dominant force in all human history.

The faster it moves, as now, the more disruptive it is. Francis based his FutureCreators Business Management System on the ICVC and he has written six books and published 77 videos and 195 podcasts on how it reshapes businesses and countries at ever faster rates. Francis was a general partner in four high-tech venture funds in the US and EU.

He is one of the leaders of the InVerse¡ alliance building ICVC-scalable networks that monetize Cyberspace Inflation. In 1976, he cofounded Northern Business Information, an information industry market research firm and sold it to S&P in 1988. Francis is a citizen of the U.K., Canada and the U.S. As well as English and French, he speaks enough Japanese to impress restaurant waitstaff. He is the host of FutureCreators TV on Zoom.

Francis Mclnerney
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