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Mike DiCosola

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mike DiCosola, CEO and founder of DISC, leveraging more than ten years of general contracting experience and seven years of research and development in autonomous vehicle delivery, developed a strong portfolio of UAS/AAM infrastructure intellectual property which includes an Autonomous Fleet Logistic Infrastructure and Delivery System or “Vertiport In-A-Box System” (VIB). A fully autonomous smart airport that works with aircraft ranging from small quadcopters to large electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, the system also includes a separate but integrated smart vehicle mailbox/parcel landing/takeoff pad and charging station and fully integrated cyber security support services.

Mike designed the network to be scalable, modular, interoperable and cyber secure on an open platform with blockchain data validation, encryption and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) backbone software, supported by a node-centric edge computing mesh network. Mike has designed several patents over the years. Mike’s manufacturing experience has allowed him to create products from cradle to grave. From designing & creating retail products, as well as its packaging and marketing material that goes behind it, to managing wholesale distribution and warehouse logistics.

Mike’s interest and focus is in National Air Space Infrastructure for the UAS/Drone Delivery and Services industry. Mike has extensive experience in General contracting over the past ten years and is currently in the process of developing a Smart Home subdivision in the hopes to have it integrate with drone delivery services. Mike’s studies are focused on a double degree in Aviation Transportation Management and Unmanned Systems and is currently working on his accelerated Master’s Degree. Several of Mike’s patents focus mainly of this subject of interest.

Mike’s goal is to make UAS delivery & services a safe and proficient method used at both the consumer and commercial private sector, as well as the public and military sector. With over 600 UAS & AAM industry URLs, UAS patent filings, and dozens of UAS trademarks, Mike hopes to help contribute to this industry and its very talented wide range of participants, by providing the R&D needed to make drone delivery a reality in every day life.


Mike DiCosola
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