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Zahoor Ahmad

Co-Founder & Chief Civil Engineer, Smart Airports

ZahZahoor Ahmad is a Professional Civil & Transportation Engineer with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Mr. Ahmad has five years of diverse experience in the industry. For the last five years, Mr. Ahmad has practiced: Site Planning and Development, Roadway Designs, Stormwater Management, Construction Inspections, and Project Management. Mr. Ahmad is a Certified Planning Engineer and an Autodesk Certified Professional in infrastructure design.

Mr. Ahmad has acquired proficiency in modern modeling and designing tools. Moreover, Mr. Ahmad has great experience of municipal project designs and plan reviews for multiple small municipalities, in the state of Wisconsin. Mr. Ahmad has completed several small to mid-size commercial projects.


Furthermore, Mr. Ahmad has successfully completed several projects ranging from small residential to large subdivision projects. Mr. Ahmad has a background of Stormwater Management and has designed Stormwater Management Plans for small single-family houses, to mid-size commercial site, to residential subdivisions as big as 37, 59 and 62 Acres. Mr. Ahmad has a deep understanding of international, local, municipal, and state design codes and ordinances, and permitting procedures, in multiple states in the United States.


Zahoor Ahmad
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